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This page is for leaflets printed using high quality sheet fed digital presses. If you need larger quantities, just go to the Medium to Large Quantities page. We recommend that first time buyers read all of the help section below.

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Artwork Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide

Please read our artwork preparation guide BEFORE submitting your artwork. It may well save you time and money!
Help Getting Started

Help Getting Started

If you're new to Inky, please have a read of our handy dandy How To Place An Order guide. It tells you all you need to get started.
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Please contact the helpdesk if you'd like any samples before placing your order.
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Any Problems?

If you have any problems working out a price, please contact the helpdesk and we'll sort it out for you.

File Format?

We can only print from an electronic original, please read the artwork preparation guide for help.

Help getting started

click on the blue icon above for some help on getting started with this page.

Help with automatic proofing

Click on view tutorial to learn how automatic proofing works.
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Call or email us if you need any help.

what's a leaflet?

...and when is it a flyer? A flyer is just another name for a leaflet. Many people in the UK refer to a leaflet as a "flyer" when it's printed on stiff card. They're all leaflets!

when's a leaflet not a leaflet?

Certain characteristics will turn a leaflet into - for example - a form, a ticket or a poster. Why does this matter? If you are a VAT registered business, it doesn't matter one bit. If you aren't, then you should bear in mind that in the UK, leaflets are zero rated for VAT, provided that they meet HM Revenue & Customs leaflet definition.

Confused? Have a read of the Help section "VAT, do I pay it?".

digital vs litho?

Generally, it will be cheaper to print smaller quantities digitally. Also you can get your hands on digital print more quickly. So, if you want more than about 200 items, compare the litho prices as well. Remember, litho is 5 working days to print on standard service, digital is 3

eco info

All of the paper options offered on this page are manufactured from responsibly managed and sustainable sources.
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