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This is an ideal product for when you need a lot of leaflets for not very much money and can wait a little while for them to be delivered! If you need smaller quantities or you need them pronto, just go to the Small Quantities page. We recommend that first time buyers read all of the help section below.

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What size is your leaflet?
How do you want this printed?
What weight paper do you want?
Do you need your leaflet folded?
Do you need creasing?
How fast do you need it?
What proofing do you need?
500  £49.00 
1000  £59.00 
2000  £75.00 
5000  £89.00 
10000  £139.00 
15000  £199.00 
20000  £249.00 
25000  £299.00 
30000  £349.00 
35000  £399.00 
40000  £449.00 
45000  £499.00 
50000  £539.00 
A5 leaflets, colour front, blank back.
Economy Service.
130gsm gloss paper.
No Folds, no creases, no perforations.
PDF proof.
Despatch within 5 working days from approval of artwork.
Free standard delivery.

Need less than 500? Digitally printed leaflets may be more cost effective, click here to go to the digital leaflet page.


1 What size is your leaflet?

A6 is 148.5x105mm
A5 is 210x148.5mm
A4 is 297x210mm
A3 is 420x297mm

There is also a size sometimes known as "DL" (this is actually an envelope size), but people generally mean 1/3 A4, i.e. 210x99mm.

2 How do you want this printed?

Currently you can choose from:-

one side in full colour, blank on the back
both sides in full colour

The full colour is using a four colour process and there is no savings to be had if you just want one or two colours.

3 What paper weight do you want?

These are our current stock papers:

130gsm - suitable for "normal" leaflets.
170gsm - suitable for "prestige" leaflets and lighter weight folder inserts. You should consider creasing leaflets of this weight before folding as this will give a better finish.
200gsm - suitable for folder inserts. Some people use this for leaflets, but this is really a light card so is a little overkill. If you want this folded, you must have it creased.

If you want 300gsm gloss, look in the "flyer" section.

If you'd like anything else then please call the help desk on 01452 751139 for a price. Please bear in mind that if we are buying in a paper specially for your job this will increase the costs, especially on smaller runs.

4 Do you need your leaflet folded?

These are parallel folds, if you would like a cross fold then please call the help desk on 01452 751139 for a price.

5 Do you need creasing?

Some paper will crack along the line of the fold, especially on 170gsm paper and above. If you want to reduce this cracking then specify creasing. In most cases this will eliminate the cracking completely, in others it will reduce it significantly.

What's cracking? Imagine you are looking at a pile of folded leaflets. The leaflets are printed with a dark solid colour through which a fold runs. With cracking, you will see the white of the underlying paper showing through, and if you look closely, you can see the broken fibres of the paper itself. This isn't noticeable on lighter paper stocks with lighter ink coverage over the line of the fold.

7 How fast do you need it?

This product has a time-to-print of approximately 5 working days from approval of artwork. We then send it on a next business day courier. We batch lots of jobs together to save money, so CANNOT guarantee to print it any quicker. Please choose another product if you need it quickly. We very rarely go over the 5 working days, but if we think that we might we'll let you know and give you the option to cancel.

For non-account customers (with the exception of UK government and local government), we do not schedule your job until payment has been made.

All service times are working days until your print job (and finishing) is complete, don't forget to add time in transit to your planning. Collection from our factory is available BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY, but NO discount is available for collection of this product.

8 What proofing do you need?

Your first PDF proof is included in the price of your order. This will be viewable through your admin area of the web site. If you find that you need to make alterations and resubmit your artwork, we do charge £5 for each additional proof.

You can also specify a hard copy proof, this is a colour layout proof printed on a digital press on our standard high quality 100gsm smooth white matt paper. If you need additional proofs, they will be charged at £7.50 each. If you need a contract proof, then you should contact us for more information.


First of all, please read section 7 - "How fast do you need it". Other things to bear in mind are that "business days" for the next business day delivery service is defined by the courier company as Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays. This is not a guaranteed next day service, though you can pay extra and order this. Although it's not always possible, it's a really, really good idea to build an extra day into your schedule "just in case"!


These prices are from your electronic original, preferably PDF. If you need artwork designed, please email us with your brief and we will be pleased to give you a quotation.

Can we improve this help section?

Please call us on 01452 751900 if you have any other questions or suggestions on how we can improve this page.
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Preparation Guide

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Help Getting Started

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File Format?

We can only print from an electronic original, please read the artwork preparation guide for help.

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what's a leaflet?

...and when is it a flyer? A flyer is just another name for a leaflet. Many people in the UK refer to a leaflet as a "flyer" when it's printed on stiff card. They're all leaflets!

when's a leaflet not a leaflet?

Certain characteristics will turn a leaflet into - for example - a form, a ticket or a poster. Why does this matter? If you are a VAT registered business, it doesn't matter one bit. If you aren't, then you should bear in mind that in the UK, leaflets are zero rated for VAT, provided that they meet HM Revenue & Customs leaflet definition.

Confused? Have a read of the Help section "VAT, do I pay it?".

eco info

All of the paper options offered on this page are manufactured from responsibly managed and sustainable sources. All are printed with environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.
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