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made in Britain

We're not print brokers and we don't send your jobs to the cheapest bidder overseas.

Everything is manufactured here in Britain. No weasel words: it's made right here in a factory just outside the city of Gloucester.

We put our money where our mouth is by employing skilled UK workers operating state of the art machinery. We invest in skills training and have put several people through Advanced Apprenticeships and NVQ Level 3 management training.


ISO9001 logo

Inky Little Fingers Ltd has been certified to ISO9001:2008 Quality Standard for the following scope: "the production and supply of lithographically and digitally printed materials to customer designs/customer approved designs." Certification is subject to periodic surveillance and re-assessment. For further information regarding the validity of the certification please contact Print and Media Certification Ltd on


We print higher volume products on two of the latest generation computer controlled full colour lithographic printing presses. Smaller quantities and personalised (VDP) print runs are run on one of our three digital presses. Large Format products are printed on Hewlett Packard equipment.


We have an extensive and very modern print finishing department in our factory, which allows us to do nearly all finishing in-house including book binding and case making. This allows us to be highly responsive to customer requirements, for example we often fulfil "Just In Time" book orders that will be in the bookshops or directly in customer's hands within just a couple of days.

Inky & the environment

Like the vast majority of UK printers, we take our responsibilities to our employees and to the environment very seriously:

  • solvents - using the latest technology has reduced the use of solvents down to close to zero.
  • inks - we use high quality vegetable oil based inks.
  • paper - all of the paper that we use comes from responsibly managed and sustainable sources. We attempt to show paper specific environmental information on each product page, however one of the major scheme operators (their web site here) has requested that we do not make any mention of them on our web site unless we pay them fees and join their scheme and we are therefore unable to report this information under threat of legal action!
  • plates - we use a high quality fully automated Screen 4300S thermal CTP with Agfa Azura TS processless plates, which completely eliminates the need for chemical processing. In addition, every single aluminium plate that we use is recycled.
  • paper recycling - all waste paper is collected and recycled by a local contractor.
  • waste disposal - all of the "non office" waste that we create is collected, processed and recycled where possible by a government approved & registered waste processing company. Sadly for them, this is now a rare occurrence as automation and new technology has reduced the amount created down to a tiny level.

We're nothing special, all responsible UK printers will have similar processes, but we thought that you might want to know the above!

Quality Policy

As part of our ISO9001 quality management procedures, this defines our attitude towards quality.

To ensure the prosperity and security of Inky Little Fingers Ltd., its employees and directors by providing high quality goods and services that consistently meet our customers’ requirements.

This will be achieved by a continuous process of quality improvement that encompasses:

1. Compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

2. A commitment to listen and respond to our customers’ needs and expectations.

3. A process of continual improvement in the service we provide to our customers by setting quality objectives and by the Management Team regularly reviewing these quality objectives.

4. Investment in the best and most appropriate manufacturing techniques, distribution logistics, customer support and service, in order to anticipate and satisfy our customers’ expectations of quality, delivery and value.

5. A continuing commitment to building a highly skilled, flexible and productive workforce through investment in training and team building.

6. A company-wide commitment to comply with the requirements of the quality management system where relevant procedures are understood and adhered to by all members of staff.

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