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This page is for booklets and brochures printed in full colour using high quality sheet fed litho presses. If you need smaller quantities, just go to the Small Quantities (digital) page. All silk paper for brochures or booklets has a clear seal applied.

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We recommend that first time buyers read all of the help section below.

All prices INCLUDE delivery as standard.
What size booklet or brochure would you like?
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Pages (including cover)?
What paper would you like for the cover?
Cover laminating?
What paper would you like for the inner pages?
How fast do you need them?
What delivery service do you need?
What proofing do you need?
8-page A5 Portrait booklets / brochures.
Litho printed in full colour.
Cover printed on 130gsm gloss paper with no laminate.
Inner pages printed on 130gsm gloss paper.
online soft proof (manual file check).
Despatched 5 working days after you approve your proof.
Delivered within 1 working day from time of depatch to an England/Wales Mainland address. Non guaranteed service, delivery anytime between 8:30am and 6:00pm (MON-FRI).
VAT not included (booklets are normally zero rated).

Also displayed are the prices for 500 and 1000 extra items for comparison.



Help for each option

For more detailed information about each option for your brochure or booklet, please point your mouse at the blue "i" icons next to the question. If this is your first time printing with us, it's a good idea to read all of this information.

Time To Print

  • Time to print is in "working days" from the time that you approve your proof; Monday-Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. If your proof is approved by 10am then that day will be counted as one of the working days, otherwise it is not.
  • If you do not have a credit account with us we cannot schedule your job until it is paid for.
  • If we are designing your artwork, the time to print does not start until the artwork is created and you have approved your proof.


We are happy to send out a sample pack so that you can see the different types of paper and the quality of the printing. Follow the link on the menu to order some free of charge.

How are these printed?

On a high quality lithographic printing press. Printing is at 200lpi using hybrid screening (our current standard screening). Plates are thermal Agfa Azura TS. No chemistry is used for processing.

Artwork preparation

Please read the artwork preparation guide before submitting your file for print! It may save you a lot of time and hassle.

These prices are from your electronic PDF original, preferably PDF. We can accept some other formats, but there will be an artwork preparation charge to convert them to a print ready PDF. If you need artwork designed, please email us with your brief and we will be pleased to give you a quotation.

Sealing Brochures

Inky seal all SILK brochures as standard. A seal is a clear coating applied on press as part of the print process. This is usually applied to silk or matt paper (or board) to greatly improve the "rub resistance" of the printed sheet. This means that the seal improves the resistance to damage caused by finishing processes or delivery. The extra cost is tiny, so we recommend always sealing silk paper, otherwise you take the risk of marking. A seal is not required on gloss art paper, although we will sometimes apply one without charge as this means that we can send the sheets straight to the bindery. There is no difference to the appearance of the printed sheet, a seal is simply to protect the print. For your reference, digital booklets are printed using a completely different process and do not require coating to increase rub resistance.


First of all, please point your mouse at the "i" icon for the "How fast do you need it" and read the help there. Other things to bear in mind are that "business days" for the next business day delivery service are defined by the courier company as Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, excluding bank holidays. This is not a guaranteed next day service, though you can pay extra and order this. Although it's not always possible, it's a really, really good idea to build an extra day into your schedule "just in case"!
Made in Britain
Artwork Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide

Please read our artwork preparation guide BEFORE submitting your artwork. It may well save you time and money!
Help Getting Started

Help Getting Started

If you're new to Inky, please have a read of our handy dandy How To Place An Order guide. It tells you all you need to get started.
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Call or email us if you need any help.
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Please contact the helpdesk if you'd like any samples before placing your order.
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Any Problems?

If you have any problems working out a price, please contact the helpdesk and we'll sort it out for you.

File Format?

We can only print from an electronic original, please read the artwork preparation guide for help.

Do You Need Smaller Quantities?

please switch to our digitally printed brochures & booklets page for smaller quantities.

Want a Different Type Of Binding?

Inky has one of the most advanced binderies in the UK, so can manufacture nearly any type of high quality bound book or document you need. Just call the helpdesk for more information.
Softback (Perfect) Binding info
Hardback (Case) Binding info
Coil (Spiral) Binding info
Wire Binding info
Comb Binding info
Booklets (Saddle Stitched) info
Click here to read about the different types of bound documents we manufacture and what they are normally used for.

What's The Difference Between A Booklet And A Brochure?

Absolutely nothing in technical terms, they are two words for the same thing.

Full Colour

These prices include full colour printing throughout. If your job is primarily black & white, please call us for a price.

Do I Pay VAT?

Under normal circumstances, booklets and brochures are zero rated for VAT according to HM Revenue & Customs definition.

Why Do We Trim Booklets?

When you fold multiple sheets of paper, the inner pages "creep" out on the open end. This creep needs to be trimmed of to produce a neat job. Creep is more noticable with thicker booklets.

What If You Need More Pages?

We can print & finish thicker booklets. Please call us for a custom price. If your booklet is very thick, you should also consider alternative types of binding.

Eco Info

All of the paper options offered on this page are manufactured from responsibly managed and sustainable sources.
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