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This is your individual store room for books, where you can print and reprint books on demand. If you know that you are never going to reprint a book again, then just use the standard book product page, not the VSR.

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Latest News

October 2014: Press Room Upgrades

Our new Xerox Nuvera 144 EA has been installed. After evaluating all of the high end black and white presses, we decided to stick with Xerox and have selected the latest generation Nuvera digital press. The print quality is outstanding and this gives our press room a much needed boost in capacity, running alongside our existing machines.

September 2014: Bindery Upgrades

With coil (spiral) binding an increasingly large part of our business, Inky has installed a Plastikoil Gateway 3000QS. This is a volume manufacturing machine that allows us to produce large quantities of coil bound books to a consistently high quality.

April 2014: Finishing Upgrades

To keep up with the increasing volume of high quality digital booklets and brochures, we have installed a new Horizon booklet making system. This system is designed from the ground up for digital print, with a high speed set feeder (HOF-400), plus inline creasing, slitting and trimming and automated camera contol to ensure set integrity. At 40,000 sheets per hour, you really don't want this machine to go out of sequence!

November 2013: Bindery Upgrades

Barely 2 years after the last upgrade to our perfect bound book binding machinery, that's been superceded by the latest generation Horizon machinery. The book quality is even higher and job set up is much quicker.

July 2013: Bindery Upgrades

Gearing up for the calendar "season" we've added a James Burn automated wire binding machine. This allows us to keep up with high volumes of calendars and maintain consistent high quality. We can now bind up to 1,200 calendars per hour.

April 2013: New Options for Coil/Comb/Wire

The product pages for all Coil, Comb and Wire bound documents have been extensively updated to give you far more options and control over the exact specification of your document.

March 2012: More Digital Press Upgrades

To provide much needed additional capacity, our fourth digital press has now been installed and is up and running. After extensive research Inky stayed with Konica-Minolta and selected their flagship digital press, the c8000. This was ordered with the full Graphic Arts configuration and inline humidification. The image quality is exceptional, especially with photographs, and a significant step forward for digital printing.

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