picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book
picture of a softback book

Perfect Bound Books

Perfect bound books (known as softback or paperback) with no minimum quantity. Ideal for yearbooks, manuals, children's books, reports and general publishing. Retail quality printing and binding for any quantity from a single book to thousands. Go to our YouTube channel if you'd like to see a video about perfect bound books and how we make them.
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    We stock an extensive range of high quality foils manufactured by Kurz.

    Please note that we offer a "descriptive" name for each foil colour, i.e. Cloud Grey. Foil manufacturers do not give a descriptive names, just numbers! So these descriptive names have been made up by us at Inky in order to help you differentiate between shades when you are ordering. After each name we give a reference in brackets, for instance L362. This gives the manufacturer's reference, in this case Luxor 362. You should ask for a foil swatch sample, especially if the exact colour of the foil is important to you.

    If you have access to a Kurz swatch book, you can look the colours up yourself using the reference number in brackets. L stands for Luxor, C stands for Colorit, AF stands for Alufin.

    If you request foil samples from us, we will send an Inky manufactured swatch of the foils that we currently stock as standard colours. We cannot supply Kurz swatch books, these must be ordered from Kurz directly.

    You can select one foil colour using the instant online quotation. This is just to keep the instant quote generator as simple as possible. If your design requires multiple colours, we can foil as many different colours as you want. However you'll need to speak with the heldesk to get a quotation for multi-coloured hot foiling.

    Clear gloss foil imparts no colour to the print, but it is often applied on top of a printed area, giving a highlighted, textured affect. It also looks fantastic with no print below and using a deep impression.

    Pearl foil is translucent. If applied on top of a printed area, you can see the printing underneath, but the colour is changed with a the pearlescent lustre.

    Matt foils are exactly that. They can look very much like traditional letterpress or lithographic inks. The main difference is that foils are completely opaque. This is a great advantage as it means you can print light colours onto dark coloured card. The foiled area will show bright and true, whereas the colour of inks will vary according to the colour of the card that they are printed onto.

    Gloss foils have a high gloss shine.

    We also usually carry dull gloss gold and silver foils. If you would like this type of finish for your project, please contact the helpdesk to discuss.

    We can apply one foil colour on top of another. This does not behave the same as inks: if you print a red dot on top of a white area, you don't get a pink dot, you get a red dot as the foils are opaque. The only exceptions to this are where we note that the foil is translucent or clear.

    Please bear in mind that hot foiling is not the same process as printing and what is achievable is different. For example, you cannot create a half tone screen with foiling. Please read the artwork preparation guide for more information.

    In some circumstances, we can special order colours that we don't normally stock. Please contact the helpdesk if you'd like to discuss this.

    While Kurz manufactures foil to an extremely high standard, there may be slight colour differences between different batches manufactured.

    Calculating embossing is an expert level option. If you haven't printed books with embossed covers with Inky before please do not use this option without discussing it with the Helpdesk so that you understand what the options mean. Please don't moan about how complicated this all is. If you want embossing on your book covers, pick up the phone and speak to a real person who will take the time to explain what all your options are and how much they will cost.

    Please read the artwork preparation guide for more details.

    This is "proper" high quality embossing using copper or brass engraved dies on a Kluge EHD press. It is not digital enhancement effects that deposit layers of material on the surface.

    What is embossing?

    Embossing permanently changes the surface of the paper (often, though not exclusively, at card weight) by using a combination of pressure and heat. A two part die (the die and counterforce) is engraved in copper or brass and this is mounted onto a heated chase, which is in turn loaded onto a large press. In our case, we use a Kluge EHD, so you can be assured of excellent results. The press uses heat and a great deal of pressure to alter the fibres in the paper and leave a raised area that can achieve a great deal of engraved detail.

    The embossed area can be raised either above or below the surface of the paper. Embossing below the surface is often referred to as debossing. It's still embossing and uses exactly the same plates and process. Bear in mind that the detail comes from the die, not the counterforce.

    Embossing can be combined with other printing. For example, you might have a full cover image over your cover with certain details picked out with embossing to give them a 3d effect. Commonly it is also combined with hot foiling. For example, you might have an object (or text) printed with a gold foil and embossed.

    Embossing can be used by itself, i.e. with no print or foil beneath it. This is referred to as blind embossing and creates a unique visual and tactile effect. We often combine this type of embossing with a clear gloss or pearl foil. While this is technically no longer blind embossing it adds additional visual effects to the graphic designer's tool kit.

    As mentioned, with can combine embossing with foiling. For example, we might foil a design onto a book cover. Then take those sheets and emboss part of the foiled design. This requires a die for the foiling and a two part die set for the embossing. We have another option called a combination (AKA fluted) die set. This allows us to emboss and foil in one pass on the press, but the die is more expensive than either of the other two types. This means that it is often the best option for a smaller area that is being foiled and embossed, but not as suitable for larger or more complex jobs.

    The simplest level of embossing (which you will have seen on many books) is where the title and possibly the author's name is foiled and embossed. This is generally ideal for combination dies. At the other end of the scale you have sculptured engravings which are very detailed and can be complex. Frankly, these are showing off a bit and most commercial work lies somewhere between this and the simple "make the title pop" effect.

    Made in Britain
    Artwork Preparation Guide

    Preparation Guide

    Please read our artwork preparation guide BEFORE submitting your artwork. It may well save you time and money!
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    Help Getting Started

    If you're new to Inky, please have a read of our handy dandy How To Place An Order guide. It tells you all you need to get started.
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    We can only print from an electronic original, please read the artwork preparation guide for help.

    Want a Different Type Of Binding?

    Inky has one of the most advanced binderies in the UK, so can manufacture nearly any type of high quality bound book or document you need. Just call the helpdesk for more information.
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