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Tent Desktop Calendars

High quality desk calendars, wire bound at the top with multiple pages that "flip" over.

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    • 210x148 (A5)
    • 148x148mm
    • 210x99mm

    Please bear in mind that these are the finished size of the frame, to ensure that you can fit them into standard envelopes. The pages are slightly smaller. Please see the artwork preparation guide for details. Don't worry, we'll shrink your pages down very slightly to fit if you need us to.

    Please call the helpdesk if you'd like a quote for a different size.

    Portrait = taller than it is wide, bound on the short edge. Landscape = wider than it is tall, bound on the short edge.

    These are the standard wire colours that we stock. There are lots of other colours that can be special ordered for larger quantities, please call the helpdesk if you'd like to discuss other colours.

    Our standard paper for this product is a good quality 200gsm silk art paper. Silk paper has a smooth matt finish with a slight sheen. For larger quantities, we can quote you from a wide variety of different paper stocks, including recycled, textured, coloured and gloss.

    The frame of the calendar is a triangular base that the pages hang from. It folds in the middle so that you can store and post these items easily. The frame is made from 380gsm silk art board.

    This one is easy to misunderstand, so please contact the helpdesk if you need further clarification.

    The frame does not count as any of the pages and cannot be printed on (in fact it could, but that would be a custom quotation).

    Each sheet of paper is printed both sides, each side is a page. So a 28 page calendar comprises 14 sheets of paper, wire bound onto a frame.

    If you want a blank page (for example if you only want one side of each sheet printed on), simply insert a blank page in your artwork.

    There is a minimum order quantity of 10 for this calendar printing service.

    If you have designed your calendar, but need a standard UK calendar added, choose this option. Remember that you will need to leave a specific area blank so that we can superimpose the calendar. Take a look at the templates in the artwork preparation guide for more details. If you need something else, please call the helpdesk to discuss. If you don't have any artwork at all, please call the helpdesk to discuss your best option.

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    Artwork Preparation Guide

    Preparation Guide

    Please read our artwork preparation guide BEFORE submitting your artwork. It may well save you time and money!
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    Help Getting Started

    If you're new to Inky, please have a read of our handy dandy How To Place An Order guide. It tells you all you need to get started.
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