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How much does delivery cost?

The prices that we quote you include standard delivery. Standard delivery days do not include weekends, unless a Saturday delivery has been requested and paid for. Please note that we deliver as standard to UK mainland addresses only, excluding Islands and the Highlands of Scotland. We can normally deliver outside of "standard" delivery areas, but it is a little more complex, for example there are limitation on where courier companies can deliver, the service that they can offer and so on. If you would like a delivery outside of the "standard" areas, please just call the helpdesk and we will work out the best options with you.

Delivery to EU destinations

We can deliver to many EU destinations, but you'll need to have a chat to the helpdesk (01452 751900) to work out the best option for you before placing your order.

Book-in times

Standard delivery does not include destinations that require book-in times.

Some companies require couriers to "book in" delivery times. Examples include department stores, distribution companies and exhibition venues. We advise you NOT to have your printing delivered direct to destinations where you know this is the case. If you have to attempt this, please be aware that this is NOT included in our standard delivery and our couriers have instructions to put on hold any deliveries to these addresses unless they have prior instructions from Inky. Discuss this first with the helpdesk to make the necessary arrangements. There is no way for us to know whether the destination requires a book-in process in advance as it is a unilateral decision made by the company operating the delivery address. It is YOUR responsibility to check whether they require book in times and you should advise us of this fact. There is usually an additional cost for this service (levied by the company being delivered TO, not by us), which is typically around £30+VAT. In addition, the courier company may make an extra charge for this type of delivery or even refuse to deliver your parcels, as some destinations are notorious for causing delays for the courier and consequential disruption to the rest of their schedule. We cannot tell you in advance how much this will be, you must discuss it with the helpdesk. Unless you have a credit account with us, we will not deliver until all necessary fees are paid.

How Fast?

The time to print depends on the print service time that you select when placing your order. Time to print starts from approval of artwork and payment for customers who do not have a credit account, or from approval of artwork for account customers. Jobs will not be scheduled until they are approved and payment is made (for customers who do not have a credit account). Time to print is measured in business days, do not count non-working days (i.e. weekends and bank holidays) when calculating how long a job will take to print. Print service times are an estimate, NOT a guarantee. Whilst the vast majority of orders leave on time, we cannot guarantee this. If it is vital that your order arrives on a specific date, you need to make the helpdesk aware of this.

You need to allow at least one additional business day for standard delivery. Standard delivery is by courier on a non guaranteed "next day" service.

Although the vast majority of deliveries do arrive next day, please remember that this is not a guaranteed service. If your stuff absolutely positively has to be there by a certain date then please build in a little margin for error! We can also offer a Saturday and AM delivery at extra cost, please ask for a price if you need this.

Where To?

"Standard" delivery calculated online is to UK mainland addresses only. This excludes all Islands and the Highlands of Scotland (please see "Scottish Highlands & Islands" for a fuller explanation for those areas). We can deliver to these destinations, you just need to contact the helpdesk on 01452 751900 to figure out the best option for you.

EU destinations

We can deliver to many EU destinations, but you'll need to have a chat to the helpdesk (01452 751900) to figure out the best option for this.

Multi drop destinations

The automatic prices quoted include delivery to one UK "standard" area address. If you want a multiple drop delivery, please contact us for a price and we'll add it to your order.

Scottish Highlands & Islands

We have many valued customers over the whole of Scotland, including Islanders and Highlanders. To head off any potential grumpyness, here is a short explanation of how we handle H&I deliveries. We do not decide what's on an Island or whether an area is in the Highlands. We're just given a list of postcodes by the courier companies. The online calculator will ask you to call the helpdesk if the delivery address is outside of "standard" areas as we need to discuss the best option for you. For example, some areas have an extended lead time. Sometimes it's better for us to use one courier over another. Sometimes we even have to send the delivery c/o the harbourmaster's office! We charge you whatever it costs us. We make a big fat zero profit out of any additional delivery charges.

Channel Islands

In common with all other islands, our "standard" delivery service does not cover the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are not part of the UK and there is additional paperwork necessary to import goods into the Channel Islands. We are happy to deliver to the Channel Islands, but you need to discuss this with the helpdesk and be aware that there will be a little extra work and time involved in sending your order to you.

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