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If you still have problems after reading this guide, please contact the helpdesk and we'll be glad to help. Our contact details are here: CONTACT

What About Some Samples?

You've had a look around on the web site, seen a few pictures, but what does the type of paper that you think you want actually feel like? There's only one way to find out, contact the helpdesk and request a free of charge sample pack.

Register On The Web Site

You can browse products, work out any prices you like, even add them to your basket, but you can't place an order until you've registered on the web site. Registering is quick and easy, just click on Register link at the top of the page.

Use The Product Pages

Use the product pages to work out the specification and price of the product that you want by answering the questions displayed in the first panel with the blue border. If you don't understand the question, (or the answers), point your mouse at the blue information ("i") icon next to the question.

Based on your feedback, we're updating our pages to have a clearer and more user friendly layout. So, you will see the new, bigger, grey and orange information ("i") icon on many pages. Just click that instead.

Once you've selected the options you need, click on the "Calculate Price" button to display your prices. The prices, and a complete summary of the options you have chosen are then displayed below. You can change the options and recalculate the price and do this as many times as you need.

Don't forget that you may have to scroll down to see your price and the buy button, especially on a small screen.

Add The Product To Your Basket

When you've clicked on "Calculate Price", your price and a detailed description of what you've chosen will be displayed. Sometimes we will also display the prices of higher quantities, as it's useful to be able to see these side by side.

Once you're happy with the options that you've chosen, you can add this item to your basket. Do this by clicking on the "Buy" button. You can add multiple items to your order, or split them over multiple orders. If you can't find exactly what you want (or you need help) contact the Helpdesk.

Your "mini basket", shown at the top middle of each page, helps you keep track of how many items are in your basket and the total price. Click "view basket" at any time to view your order in detail, delete items from your order, or empty your basket.

A word about VAT. By law some printed items are zero rated for VAT and some are standard rated. Leaflets (and flyers) are zero rated if they meet HMRC definition of a leaflet. If the rating isn't clear, we ask you to declare which it is. If you declare it zero rated, we check the artwork to make sure that it complies with HMRC rules and we will ask you to pay the VAT if it does not. For more detail on VAT and printing you can read the help section:

HELP > VAT, Do I Pay It? open link in new window   (opens in a new window)

Based on customer feedback, we've redesigned the product pages and you will see both styles of page until all of the pages are updated. The new style still has exactly the same information, but there is now a slightly different layout and most importantly a much bigger, more friendly orange BUY button, instead of the old, small red button! Both styles are shown here for your edification.

Placing Your Order

Once you've added an item to the basket, you can continue straight on and place your order, or you can "continue shopping". In other words you can carry on and add more items to your order if you wish.

If you're ready to place your order and you are not currently in your basket, click "view basket" in your mini-basket display (top middle) to display your basket again.

Click on "Place Order" to start the guided order process. Don't worry if you make any mistakes during the Guided Order Process, you can easily correct them later.

Guided Order Process, Step 1 (Order Confirmation)

Once you click on place order, your order is logged on our system. This page simply confirms again what you have ordered and tells you your order number. The remaining steps guide you through:

  • Setting your delivery address and your own reference number.
  • Uploading your artwork
  • Paying for your order

You can skip any of these steps and come back to them in your admin area later.

Don't worry if you've placed an order by accident. Just call or email the Helpdesk and ask us to cancel it.

Click on the proceed button to go to the next step.

Guided Order Process, Step 2

You need to make certain that the delivery address and contact number are correct, as this is the information that we give to the delivery company. Make sure that the telephone number is for someone who can help the driver find you on the delivery day. You can alter this information later (through Admin > Orders) right up UNTIL the order has been scheduled for production. After this point, you must phone the helpdesk to make any alterations.

The order reference is for your use only, for example if you need a reference number to appear on your invoice.

We had to remove the notes section as some people were writing daft things here and expecting them to magically happen. A real example (I kid you not) was the customer who requested that their leaflet be printed on black paper with white ink. If you want to attach a note now, you need to speak to the helpdesk.

Click on the proceed button to go to the next step

Guided Order Process, Step 3, Uploading Your Artwork

Please note that we have a maximum upload size of 350MB. If your file is larger than this, you need to have a chat with the helpdesk to work out the best way of getting your artwork to us.

You upload artwork for one item at a time, so the first step is to tell us which part of your order you are currently uploading artwork for. For example, if you are ordering 2 leaflets, we need to know which artwork goes with which item. If you only have one item in your order, you don't see this screen and go straight onto the next. If you don't have your artwork ready to upload for any reason, just click on the "skip this step" button and you can upload your artwork through your admin area of the web site later.

This is where you get to upload your artwork. Don't worry if you mess this up, or find that you need to upload artwork at a later time. You can always complete this step later in your Admin > Upload area.

The first step is to choose the file or files that you want to upload. Use the "Choose Files" button to do this. Remember, you MUST read the artwork preparation guide for the product you are ordering before uploading it. The artwork preparation guide will tell you how many PDF files we expect you to upload. For example, a softback book needs 2 PDFs. One for the cover and one for the book block (text). Once you have selected the file or files, click on the "Start Upload" button. The status bar shows your upload progress.

If your upload isn't working, check for error messages!

If you are uploading multiple files, you can select multiple files to upload at the same time, or repeat the "choose files" and start upload for each one.

If you've uploaded the wrong file by accident, you can delete any file that you've uploaded right up to when you click on the "I'm finished uploading" button.

When you are finished uploading, press the "I'm finished uploading" button. For manual proofs, this places your job into the proofing queue. You can't delete or upload new files after this point. If you realise you've made a mistake, just contact the helpdesk and they will take your job off of the proofing queue. If you are using automatic proofing, your job goes straight to "in prefight" and you should get your report shortly. If you need more information about the proofing process, please read the help section on proofing.

If you can't upload your artwork right now for any reason, don't worry. Just click on the nice friendly "Skip this step" button and you can

Guided Order Process, Step 4

This is the payment stage.  If you have a credit account already set up with Inky, this stage will be skipped.

We use SagePay to securely process all of our online transactions.  Your card details are never stored, or even seen by Inky at all.  This does mean that you have to enter your card details each time, but we think this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.  If they're not stored, they can't be compromised.

Once you click the proceed button, SagePay will guide you through the payment process and return you to Inky's payment confirmation page once your payment has been processed.

If you would prefer, you can pay later through your Admin > Payments area of the web site.  Remember that we cannot schedule your job to print until it is paid for (unless you have a credit account with us).

What Happens Next?

Please don't ignore your emails!  They contain important information, including your preflight report (details about your proof).

Status information about your order is also available online in your Admin area of the web site.

The next stage is to generate your proof for most products.  The exception to this is Large Format printing.  We don't generate proofs for Large Format printing they are scheduled to print once they are paid for.   For all other products, we generate an online soft proof (and a report, called a "pre-flight" report).   If a hard copy proof has been requested, this will be mailed to you, usually within one working day.  If you've requested a hardcopy proof, please do not approve your online proof until you have received and checked it.  Our aim is to get proofs ready within 4 working hours, though this may take longer during our very busy periods.  Automatic proofing is much faster and you'll generally get a proof back within a few minutes.  Automatic Proofing is not available for all of our products.   You'll be informed by email once a proof is ready.  The email will also give you a report on whether we have found any problems with your artwork.  You can read more about the proofing process in the help section here:

HELP > ARTWORK > PROOFS open link in new window   (opens in a new window)

After reading your report, you need to go to your Admin > Proofs area of the Inky web site and view your proof.  Please check this very carefully and approve or reject it as appropriate.

Your order will be automatically scheduled for production after (a) you have approved your proof (b) you have paid for your order (or the order has been credit approved for account customers)  Once your order is in production you must speak to the help desk to cancel or alter work in progress and you will still need to pay for any portion of the work already carried out.  Once your order has been scheduled for production, you'll receieve an email from Inky, which includes the scheduled despatch date.  Remember, this is the day we send your order out, not the day you receive it.  Please make sure that there is someone there at the delivery address to receive your order on the next business day following the despatch date.

Once your order is complete, you will get another status email from Inky.  This contains a tracking link (if your order was sent by courier) and it also contains your invoice as a PDF.  If you lose this invoice, you can print it out again from your Admin > Orders area of the Inky web site.

Remember: you can view proofs, make payments, track your order, change your delivery details, upload artwork and reprint invoices through your Admin area of the Inky web site.

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