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Stationery PLUS Packs

PLUS Packs are a money saving bundle that includes equal quantities of A4 letterheads, compliment slips (210 x 99mm) and business cards. All printed full colour on one side.

All items are printed lithographically. Choose from 100 or 120gsm premium smooth white paper for the letterheads and comps. The business cards are printed on 400gsm silk art board.

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What paper type would you like?
How fast do you need them?
What proofing do you need?
250  £115.00 
500  £130.00 
1000  £170.00 
2000  £240.00 
5000  £350.00 
Stationery PLUS Pack:-
Equal numbers of A4 letterheads, compliment slips (size 210x99mm) and business cards (size 85x55mm).
Full colour front, blank back.
Premium 120gsm paper, business cards on standard 400gsm silk art board.
PDF proof.
Despatch 5 working days after you approve your proof.
Free delivery to a standard UK Mainland address.
VAT not included.
Laser compatible (not business cards).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My last job was printed with 3 pantone colours, the full colour letterheads that I've ordered from you will look exactly the same won't they?

A. Probably not. Pantone colours are precisely mixed to achieve a specific colour. You may be able to get an exact match in process colour, you may be able to get a reasonably close match. Or in some instances, you will not get a close match at all. You should get your graphic designer to redesign your letterheads in CMYK to the FOGRA29 profile. If your graphic designer is:- (a) not speaking to you / (b) backpacking in Timbuktu / (c) a mate from the pub who has disappeared (delete as appropriate), then we can give you a price to professionally update your artwork. Our Graphic Designer is degree level qualified (in Graphic Design!) and highly experienced.

Q. I've been disappointed with online letterhead printing before. I like your prices, but are you printing this on some horrendous old press in a shed somewhere and poisoning the planet?

A. All of these items are printed on a shiny modern press using the latest environmentally friendly processes and vegetable ink.

Q. Will the ink on these letterheads peel off in my laser printer like the lot I bought from my local quick printer?

A. No. These letterheads are printed using a lithographic printing press on high quality laser compatible paper. The peeling off business happens when you use letterheads that have been pre-printed on a digital printer.

2 What paper would you like?

Remember, you can request samples from the Inky Helpdesk, just call us to discuss your requirements.

Standard 100gsm paper

Good quality everyday paper, suitable for laser printing. This paper is also suitable for injjet printing, but bear in mind it's an uncoated paper, not a coated paper like photo paper, so if you're looking for something to do high quality photo printing on, this isn't it!

Premium 120gsm paper

This is a thicker and more opaque version of the 100gsm paper (above) and the same comments apply. It's a bit more luxurious and better for 2 sided printing.

The business cards are printed on 400gsm silk art board.

3 How Fast Do You Need Them?

Our standard service is 5 working days to print from approval of artwork and payment and we then despatch by a next business day courier. This is 5 working days to print from payment and approval of proof and we then despatch by a next business day courier.

4 What Proofing Do You Need?

Your first PDF soft proof is free of charge with your order. This will be viewable through your admin area of the web site. If you find that you need to make alterations and resubmit your artwork, we do charge £5 for each additional proof. To read more about proofs, read the help section:

HELP > ARTWORK > PROOFS open link in new window  (opens in a new window)


First of all, please read section 2 - "How fast do you need them?". Other things to bear in mind are that "business days" for the next business day delivery service is defined by the courier company as Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays. This is not a guaranteed next day service, though you can pay extra and order this. Although it's not always possible, it's a really, really good idea to build an extra day into your schedule "just in case"!


These prices are from your electronic original, preferably PDF. Please see the help section for other artwork formats that we accept. If you need artwork designed, please email us with your brief and we will be pleased to give you a quotation.


All items in this pack are printed on a lovely shiny lithographic printing press. Our prices are great, our service is fast and efficient, but the most important thing is that the qualitity is superb.


Please call us on 01452 751900 if you have any other questions or suggestions on how we can improve this page. Do you know what? In over 30,000 online orders nobody has EVER made a suggestion on how we can improve our help. We must be perfect. Or you don't read it. I could write anything here at the bottom of the page couldn't I?
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Artwork Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide

Please read our artwork preparation guide BEFORE submitting your artwork. It may well save you time and money!
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Help Getting Started

If you're new to Inky, please have a read of our handy dandy How To Place An Order guide. It tells you all you need to get started.
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Please contact the helpdesk if you'd like any samples before placing your order.
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Any Problems?

If you have any problems working out a price, please contact the helpdesk and we'll sort it out for you.

File Format?

We can only print from an electronic original, please read the artwork preparation guide for help.

What's In The Pack?

Packs include equal quantities of A4 letterheads, compliment slips (210 x 99mm) and business cards.

How Are These Printed?

All items in the pack are lithographic printed on a high quality press.

Do You Want A Different Quantity?

If you need a larger quantity, or a mixed quantity pack, please call the helpdesk to discuss.

Eco Info

All of the paper options offered on this page are manufactured from responsibly managed and sustainable sources.
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